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Cardinals vs. Chargers review: Daryn Colledge shines, Dansby struggles according to PFF

A look back at the metrics according to PFF.

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On the surface, the 24-7 loss the Arizona Cardinals suffered last Saturday to the San Diego Chargers was terrible. They played poorly on offense, on defense and on special teams. They had injuries. They had penalties. They tossed the football around like a hot potato. They gave up sacks. They didn't generate much pressure.

However, based on the rating system that Pro football Focus uses, not all was terrible. They went back over the game and highlighted the good and the bad.

The good:

Daryn Colledge shined at right guard, earning a +3.3. In fact, he is the fifth highest guard in the preseason.

Daryl Washington looked out of place with the backups, but in a good way. He looked like the best player on the field. He earned a +1.7.

Matt Shaughnessy was quietly effective at +1.7, as was Lorenzo Alexander (+1.3).

The not so good:

Levi Brown really struggled against Dwight Freeney. He did great in the running but still netted a -2.0 for his struggles against a possible Hall of Famer.

Karlos Dansby, in his first game action of the preseason, looked slow. Hopefully that was just rust, but he did not do well. PFF gave him a -2.1 for the game. He was "sealed off at will when their linemen got to the second level."

Rob Housler's end zone drop hurt a lot.

Nate Potter got beat up (-1.1 in pass blocking) against Thomas Keiser, a player that PFF called "a longshot" to make the team before sacking Drew Stanton three times. There is a reason why Levi Brown is still starting. Nate Potter isn't better.

John Abraham did not have an impact and netted a -2.0. He rushed the passer 17 times, got no pressures, but the one time he would have, he drew a penalty from King Dunlap.

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