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Cardinals vs. Broncos: What was the play of the game?

With a few highlights? Which was the biggest one?

Doug Pensinger

The Arizona Cardinals had quite a fun game to watch on Thursday, as they defeated the Denver Broncos 32-24 to close out the preseason. There were a few key plays. Which one was the play of the game?

Here are the candidates:

Ryan Lindley to Jaron Brown touchdown bomb

Who knew? Ryan Lindley with a perfectly thrown and well placed deep pass. Brown ran a perfect route, Lindley threw a perfect ball and, 55 yards later, six points were the result. It was a thing of beauty.

Go-ahead touchdown play from Lindley to Mike Thomas

This play was nice as, one, it gave the team the win. However, the design was good, as both Thomas and Kerry Taylor were both running drag routes, from opposite sides of the field. As Taylor had just picked up a catch and a first down on a similar play, Thomas was left open underneath. He makes the catch and makes his way to the end zone.

David Carter forced fumble

The previous play never even happens if Carter does not strip the ball and get the Cardinals in scoring position late in the fourth quarter.

Stepfan Taylor touchdown run to seal the game

This was just a case of Taylor getting just enough of a hole to get to the second level, and then it was all him. Nothing flashy -- but persistence and tenacity mixed with strength, he sealed the deal.

Vote for the play you feel was the biggest one.

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