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NFL roster cuts: Can the Arizona Cardinals find help on the waiver wire?

A look at some players that perhaps could be of interest.

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The Arizona Cardinals announced 13 cuts and one other one was made known by Reggie Walker. With a few roster moves left, we cannot assume that the team will stand pat. "There is always door No. 2, waiver wire, trades," head coach Bruce Arians said to the media on Friday. "Nothing is set in stone with these final guys."

Every NFL team is in the same boat. They have let a lot of players go.

The Cardinals perhaps could be looking at some of those players. Here are some of the higher profile cuts at positions where the Cardinals might take a look at.

T Max Starks: He was cut by the San Diego Chargers, but this past offseason Arizona had interest in him and he was interested in the team. Levi Brown has been part decent and part not so decent in the preseason at left tackle for the Cardinals. Arians has said, though, that Brown would be the starter until they brought in someone better. Is Starks better? That debatable. Arians knows him well from their together in Pittsburgh, but Starks was unable to unseat King Dunlap in San Diego for the starting job. Dunlap was not exactly great a season ago in Philadelphia.

T J'Marcus Webb: He's big and has started 44 games in three seasons. The problem is that he started those games for the Bears, whose offensive line woes have been as noticeable as Arizona's. Will Bears fans miss him? Nope.

This is a description of Webb by Windy City Gridiron.

"It's been a tumultuous three seasons for J'Marcus Webb. A seventh round pick with all of the physical tools, but absolutely none of the polish, he was thrust into the position of starting for a team that lacked depth at any given position across the offensive line.

"Oft-maligned by the fanbase, a multitude of false starts, mental mistakes, and what appeared to be a lack of focus on plays, often led to his quarterback getting creamed and plays falling apart."

Sounds like Levi, only not as talented or smart.

TE Jake Ballard: The Cardinals have not had great tight end play. Plus, their two best players at the position are injured. Ballard started 13 games for the 2011 New York Giants and had 38 receptions and four touchdowns. However, he has the same problem as Jeff King. From Pats Pulpit, we find out this:

"I ultimately thought that Ballard would end up making the final roster, as he's a good blocking tight end and his size makes him a legit red zone threat, but he has certainly looked gimpy in limited action this preseason."

A talented, but gimpy tight end? That would be the same problem we already have.

The team may also look at the waiver wire for help at defensive tackle or at receiver. We will know more of the real transactions the team has in the hours and days to come.

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