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NFL roster cuts: David Carter cut by Arizona Cardinals because of Ronald Talley

Carter's play at the point of attack sealed his fate.


Defensive line man David Carter had a big impact his rookie year, but since then has been unable to do much. Now he finds himself out of work after the Arizona Cardinals cut him on Friday.

Head coach Bruce Arians explained the decision to the media on Friday.

"David was in a battle with Ronald Talley and Talley's strength at the point of attack, the ability to play nose [tackle] stronger was better," he said. "David has a lot of hustle and a lot of effort, but was struggling to hold the point as much as those guys were."

That is an important thing for the defense, as that is what nose tackle Dan Williams excels at. If he is out of the lineup, his replacement needs to be able to do that too.

It can be seen as a surprise, but he did not have a great preseason, despite the forced fumble late in their last game. He was also a late round draft pick from the previous coaching staff. he just did not make enough plays.

In the end, as he was a project pick when drafted, the team got more than they bargained for his rookie year and then less than they expected thereafter. Now, unless he can picked u p by another team, he will need to look past football for his next job.

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