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NFL cracking down on after- play 'antics" again.

Roger Goodell is once again conjuring up the "No Fun League".

Norm Hall

Okay. I get it.

If you want to see sportsmanship in football personified, you look in the dictionary and seek "Larry Fitzgerald".

There, besides a certain Hall of Fame career and philanthropic endeavors, you'll find video inserts where when he scores a touchdown, then nonchalantly glides into the endzone and tosses the ball to the referee. No muss, no fuss. Just class and no showing up the bad guys. The guy is the anti Owens/Johnson.

But where I'm having a problem is with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell taking it a step further with player conduct proceeding a play. To me, he's trying to take the spontaneity out the emotion of getting a TD, sack, tackle..hell... anything that could emotionally feed a player/team/fans after a possible game changing moment.

To wit, officials in training camps this season are looking for possible infractions that players will encourage a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty for the following antics which imply antagonizing opposing players:

"Home run" swings after sacks (Calais Campbell screwed, unless he wants to do a simulated gun play battle, that's okay.)

"Military salutes" - Andre Roberts (and RB coach Stump Mitchell) don't you dare show appreciation for the veterans that have/are served/serving.(Yet you probably can do that cute heart-shaped thing with your hands that Jordin Sparks did on American Idol, though.)

"Hulk moves" - Daryl Washington flexing himself after a bone-crushing hit. (On second thought, Washington - you're in enough trouble - just keep that in your back pocket for a while.)

"Dancing" - Uh, this is a wide spectrum. Was the "Carlton" that Stewart Bradley did last season so offensive it would merit a penalty? Or would it be Megan Welter-ish?

So, presumably you can still do the Patrick Peterson "Deion Sanders Prime Time" of prancing down the sidelines with hand near ear or the ubiquitous "first down" thrust of arm by a third string receiver making his first catch of the season yet spinning the ball like a top could earn you and your team a 15 yard penalty?

Is it getting to the point where if the coach smiles after a 3rd and 1 it will be taken back (this would still exclude Belichick.) or refusing handshakes after games means no snow cones (this would include Jim Harbaugh)? Has the current Commish really made the NFL into a parody of what it used to be? Pure entertainment dashed with athleticism?

Maybe Fitz has it right after all.

No popcorn, no sharpies. No emotions. Just football with dignity.