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Arizona Cardinals training camp: Andre Ellington leaves practice early with injury

Another running back is hurt.


The running back position has already taken a few hits during training camp for the Arizona Cardinals. Starter Rashard Mendenhall has been out with some tendinitis. Ryan Williams is getting rest because of a sore knee.

Now, Andre Ellington can be added to the list of in hurt.

During afternoon practice, as tweeted by Kent Somers, Ellington was seen leaving the field while trainers were looking at his head and neck area.

The Cardinals only have five running backs on the roster, but only three had been practicing. There will be more information when Arians speaks to the press after the team has their morning walk through.

If what happened causes Eillington to have to miss any time on the field, look for the team to pick up a back to be a camp body and give the team some more reps.

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