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Cardinals vs Packers: 17-0 Win; Pass Protection Solid

The Cardinals open the preseason with Win.

Jonathan Daniel

The Cardinals looked solid in their preseason opener, a plethora of plays were made to give us fans hope for the Regular Season.

I was really surprised by how well the offensive line has already gelled. By my notes, I only saw one sack, which came during the second units time on the field. Despite it being a blitz, there was plenty of time, and Stanton held onto the ball for FAR to long.

Other than that, the race for the fourth, fifth, and sixth WR spot really heated up. Jaron Brown looked on the same page with Stanton on nearly every throw, hauling in one TD on a back shoulder throw which we saw plenty of. Arians graded out the receivers with a C, saying there's plenty for him to be happy about, but plenty for him to yell about. We shall see how this unit progresses, but Brown, Hawkins, Roma, and Buckner, all stated their cases to make the roster. (I say Roma because his catch was in heavy traffic)

I did not focus too heavily on the defensive side of the ball, mainly due because I wanted to see how our revamped offense would look. Game two will be for the defense.

Special Teams were bad, going 1/4 on attempts, Feely 1/2 and Batson 0/2. Batson, who I thought early on would compete with Feely, is likely one of the first to go.

Outside of that, both Alfonso Smith and Stepfan Taylor got plenty of reps, as they were the only two backs to play. Mendenhall was dressed but did not play a snap.

Cardinals are 1-0 and plenty of hype around them, at least among the fan base.