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2013 NFL season preview: Looking at this year's Arizona Cardinals

This is the SB Nation NFL preview for the Cardinals -- some questions are answered

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

1. Who is the easiest player on the roster to root for?

The Cardinals have a whole bunch of players that are easy to cheer for. Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best superstars there are, in terms of character. You can't help but like Patrick Peterson. Sam Acho is probably the nicest guy on the team. Ryan Williams has dealt with injuries and adversity. Calais Campbell is also super nice.

The easiest? That would probably be Fitz, who just wants to win. He does everything right. I don't think that there is anyone in the game or a fan of the game that doesn't want him to win a championship.

2. If you could buy a ticket to just one game this year...

Pretty much every single NFC West divisional game should be a must-watch this season. But if I have to pick one, it has to the Thursday night game when the Cardinals host the Seattle Seahawks. It is later in the season

3. Who are the most notable cuts for the team?

There were no huge surprises with cuts. None was made based on salary cap issues. The surprises? Linebacker Reggie Walker had a great camp and offseason. Numbers pushed him off the roster. After Walker, there was not a single surprise cut.

4. Which second year player is going to make the biggest leap?

That would be Michael Floyd. He has a quarterback, he can stretch defenses, and there is an offense that pushes the ball down the field.

5. What are the odds of your head coach getting fired?

Since Bruce Arians was brought in this year, there is a zero percent chance of that happening.

6. What franchise or NFL records could be broken this season?

Larry Fitzgerald sets a record every time he scores a touchdown or catches a pass. he already owns the team record. After that, there is nothing of great intrigue.

7. Which rookies will see regular playing time this year?

First round pick Jonathan Cooper would have been the first, but he is out for the season. After Cooper, it will be Tyrann Mathieu. He is the starting nickel back and will have the opportunity to make plays on defense. Kevin Minter is behind Jasper Brinkley.

8. Predict the order of finish in your division.

1st: Seattle, 2nd: San Francisco, 3rd: Arizona, 4th: Rams

9. What do you expect your season-end record will be?

I expect a slow start, they will finish 9-7, but third in the division. They miss out on the postseason.