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Levi Brown can fix errors, no changes coming

With all the talk about the Cards' left tackle, there aren't many options

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

If there was one player that drew the ire of Arizona Cardinals fans on Sunday, it was Levi Brown, who allowed three sacks and other pressures. That was the topic of discussion with media access on Monday as head coach Bruce Arians talked to the press and then Levi himself answered questions.

Brown said he "just didn't get the results (he) wanted to." and that what the coaches told him thus far is that the mistakes were correctable -- hand placement and such on the pass rush.

General manager Steve Keim said on the radio that, regarding Brown's technique, there were a lot of issues, whether it was use of hands, playing straight-legged, not moving his feet and I think if you talk to Levi, he'd be the first to tell you it wasn't good enough."

Bruce Arians also made it clear that two of the sacks that Brown allowed were not all on him. The running back left on their pass route too early in those cases.

On Sunday, it was clear that the don't feel that they have a better option. Nate Potter was noticeably below Brown in practice and the preseason. Neither Bobby Massie or Eric Winston play left tackle, so to make a change would be to further downgrade the position.

What can we expect? Hopefully improvement, but at this point, we should expect Levi to look good sometimes and then there will be a few plays he looks terrible. Last season he brought up technique issues. When hand placement was brought up, reporter Kent Somers noted in a tweet that it was something of an issue for Brown three years ago. Some things don't change.

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