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Arizona Cardinals are stuck with Jay Feely, for now

The team's head coach was not pleased with the veteran's play in Week 1

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

We all saw the sign that kicker Jay Feely was not on the top of the list of favorite players for Arizona Cardinals head coach dating back to the preseason. Bruce Arians called Feely's missed 30-yard field goal against the Dallas Cowboys as unacceptable. Then the team brought in Dan Carpenter to compete with Feely, only to see Carpenter not do very well.

Feely won the job, but he did nothing to win the hearts of his coaches on Sunday. He missed a 50-yard field goal that would have given the Cardinals three more points at the end of the first half and a 13-10 lead. Of course, with those three points on the board, that turned out to be the difference in the final score.

In his Monday media conference, Arians noted that the team would not be bringing anyone else in to push Feely yet. in his words, they "looked at the best kicker" when Carpenter was brought in, and that didn't work out. But beyond the missed field goal, Arians also pointed out that Feely "was poor on kickoffs" and that he made bad decisions in the game.

So while Feely is not in good graces, he's the guy they got. Don't expect "Kickalicious" to be joining the team any time soon.

Then again, with another showing like on Sunday, things definitely could change.

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