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NFL odds, Week 2: Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions open completely even

Vegas doesn't know which way to go with two teams with incertainty


The Arizona Cardinals will have their home opener in Week 2, hosting the Detroit Lions on Sunday. Arizona is coming off a loss, falling 27-24 on a last minute field goal to the St. Louis Rams, while the Lions opened the season with a 34-24 home victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

Vegas sports books have opened betting for Week 2 and the matchup in Glendale is considered an even one. It is so much so that when betting opened, there was no line at all -- it was a straight pick'em.

Since then, most sports books have the line now with the Lions as one-point favorites, but this does make it tough as a gambler to know which way to place your wager.

On one hand, it means that Vegas sees the Lions as the slightly superior team, as the home team traditionally gets a three-point edge. On the other, it just means that neither team inspires much betting.

If I'm the one giving advice on the wager, I say stay far away. This game is too unpredictable to feel any sort of confidence in a wager.

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