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Larry Fitzgerald praises Tyrann Mathieu for work on, off the field; reflects on his age

The rookie continues to impress. The veteran doesn't want to think about his age.

The Arizona Cardinals have gotten a lot of praise (and criticism) for the selection of rookie Tyrann Mathieu. He has "flashed" in the preseason and even in Week 1 of the regular season, when he punched out the football from Jared Cook, who was about to score a touchdown.

One player he has impressed is veteran star receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who was a guest on PFT Live.

"I absolutely love the kid," Larry Fitzgerald said of Mathieu. "I love him. I mean he works his tail off every single day in practice, he comes to work, he studies plays so hard. He's a tremendous kid in our locker room too. I mean he's on time, he's punctual, taking notes in meetings, just everything that you would expect out of a player of his caliber. Him and Patick Peterson together it's just really exciting. I'm so happy he's on our team."

Mathieu continues to show that he is all about football. He is showing what most felt would always be the case -- he would be a great guy to have on the team. The only question has always been whether the off the field stuff would get in the way.

So far, so good.

Fitz also continues to work hard at age 30. He says he feels great and feels "blessed doing what he has always wanted to do." He enjoys competing and is glad to be on a team that he considers to have a shot at winning weekly.

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