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NFL expert picks, Week 2: ROTB staff has five unanimous selections

Who are going to be Week 2 winners according to the ROTB staff.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

After Week 1, there were some surprises for sure. Our writing staff gave their week's picks and overall everyone did well. The worst week belonged to Alex Mann, who went 8-8. I personally was a mediocre 9-7, while Seth Cox was the gold standard for the week at 12-4.

In review, here are the results of our expert picks:


Washington was not kind to us, nor were the Bucs. Somehow, Seth saw the Jets coming away with a win.

Now we start again. The Patriots and the Jets play in the Thursday night game. That should start things off in interesting fashion.

Here are the picks of the week for our staff.


What can we see? Everyone jumped on the Eagles after they surprised Washington. Of course, the Chargers' meltdown might have contributed equally to our not picking them. In total, five teams are unanimous picks, while three other teams are picked by all but one.

It appears that most of us will have similar records either way.

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