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Cardinals vs. Lions preview podcast with Pride of Detroit

Sean Yuille from the SB Nation Lions site gives us some insight.


With a game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Detroit Lions this week, Pride Of Detroit's Sean Yuille was a guest on the ROTB Radio show on Thursday. We talked about the addition of Reggie Bush to the team and how that looked a week ago and a lot more.

Among the topics of discussion after some of my own ramblings to start the show, Sean and I went over:

  • The Lions offseason
  • Reggie Bush and how he fits the Lions, and how the Lions fit his skillset.
  • Matthew Stafford -- was his 41 TD, 16 INT, 5000+ yard season in 2012 more the norm or more the exception. IN 2012 he dipped to 20 TD and 17 INT, still with almost 5000 yards passing.
  • The 2012 matchup that ended with a 38-10 win for the Arizona Cardinals.
  • The Lions defensive line and what their outside pass rush looks like
  • Predictions for the game (he feels the Lions come away with a win.
Listen below with the streaming player or with the embedded player below. If those don't work for you, use this direct link.

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