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9-14 Arizona Cardinals news: Lions are coming to town

Your morning roundup of Cardinals and NFL news.


The Lions come to tow and play on Sunday. We are a day away. Here are the links to occupy yourself until then.


Cardinals Blogs | Fitzgerald is questionable for Lions
"Today was almost too competitive," Arians said. "(But) I’d rather say ‘Whoa’ than ‘Sic ‘em’ like I have before. Today was almost, ‘Whoa, slow down a little bit.’ "

Cardinals Blogs | Friday before the Lions

This may be a game between the Cardinals and the Lions, but it feels like in some way, shape or form this week has been about arguably the best two wide receivers in the game (with a little Levi Brown sprinkled in.

Lining up the Lions

Get familiar with the starters on offense and defense for the Detroit Lions.

Lions' Reggie Bush changes Arizona Cardinals' approach to Megatron - ESPN

On Sunday, the Arizona Cardinals will have to account for another offensive weapon, a shifty back who can pound it between the tackles, bounce off the edge or line up outside as a receiver.

Coach Bruce Arians to Cardinals: You re better than you think - ESPN

A day after their Week 1 loss to the St. Louis Rams, Arizona coach Bruce Arians gathered his team for a meeting and told his players they didn’t realize how good they were.


The advantages and disadvantages of the no-huddle, hurry-up offense in the NFL -

Last year was all about the read option. In 2013, the NFL world is buzzing about the hurry-up and no-huddle offenses. How will the latest round of offensive innovation impact the game?

Is Kerry Rhodes being blackballed for gay rumors? We doubt it. - Outsports

With a constant obsession with youth, it's quite possible Rhodes' age is the reason he's not playing in the NFL. The closet, not his sexual orientation, is another possible explanation.

Know the Score: 49ers vs. Seahawks headlines NFL Week 2 matchups -

We take a deep dive on Sunday night's NFC West clash before making some picks for the rest of the matchups in the NFL's second week.

Buccaneers appear ready to exit Josh Freeman's wild ride -

Inconsistent performances and recent controversy has the talented yet troubled quarterback likely losing his grip on a starting role.

Prop comedy: NFL betting with PFT Commenter -

Thinking of making some wagers this week? The NFL everyman fan is here to help you help your bottom line.

Why is Kerry Rhodes not in the NFL? -

Plenty of NFL teams need secondary help. None of them have called nine-year NFL vet Kerry Rhodes. Are rumors about his sexuality keeping him out of the league?