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NFL Week 2 results: 5 negatives from Cardinals vs. Lions

A win is tough to celebrate when the game quite a number problems.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

While the Cardinals did win against the Lions, they were far from perfect. Agree or disagree, let's look at the what caused my stress level to elevate, Sunday.


3rd Down Conversion - If there is any statistic that shows how the Cardinals should have lost this game it's this, 1 for 11 on third down for a 9% conversion rate. Despite all the changes it seems the same problems exist on this team as last year's offense, just on a much smaller level. You just know Arians is going to address this all week leading up to the Saints.

Broken Tackles - The Cardinals were much better against the Lions, but were still missing key tackles that allowed the Lions to extend drives. You expect Reggie Bush to make players miss, but Joique Bell did as much damage with the football in the game. There was improvement, but not enough to get off this arbitrary list.

Penalties - 7 for 40 yards. It wasn't the yardage that killed the Cardinals, it was the timing. It felt like every keymoment of the game was sabotaged by the Cardinals and it wasn't confined to any position. Thank goodness for Detroit's own penalty woes.

Pass Rush - The only sack of the game happened because of great coverage, not because of a pass rush. It's not good when the best pass rusher is your inside linebacker who is suspended for two more game and John Abraham is looking more like Joey Porter than... well, some good free agent pass rusher who actually helped the Cardinals... they exist right? (Editor note -- Bertrand Berry, although he was much younger)

Patrick Peterson - You can't be called elite and get gouged by elite receivers like he did today. That being said, Peterson took Calvin Johnson out of the game at key points. Add in the fact he had his first career reception and career pass, both for first downs means he had a lot on his plate. He'll bounce back, but he's a negative this week. High expectations mean high accountability.

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