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Cards vs Lions: Bonehead moment of the game

What was the D'oh moment from the Cards/Lions game?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

In what appears to be the modus operandi for the 2013 Arizona Cardinals, the Birdgang played the Detroit Lions close. However, unlike last week where the Cards put a check in the L column they rose to the occasion and stopped a go ahead drive to seal the game.

While finding things to nitpick while basking in the glow of victory can be challenging, there was a play from yesterday's game that seems to fit the bill. What exactly was the d'oh moment pulled from sixty moments of play?

The scene was a 3rd down with 4 yards to go on the Lions' 38 yard line. Carson Palmer takes the snap and looks for TE Jim Dray. DeAndre Levy snatches the pass intended for Dray and returns the interception 66 yards the other way for a touchdown, making the score 21 - 13 Lions.

Giving away points in the quickest way to make my bonehead moments radar. While in the end Palmer's d'oh moment cost the Cards temporarily it did not take away the check in the W column, but the newly acquired QB and team may not be as fortunate during the rest of the season.

For my runner up, it was less a bonehead moment and more of a concern moving forward as the Cardinals were penalized 7 times for 40 yards in the game. Combine that with the penalties from last week and the Cards have 13 penalties for over 100 yards on the season. This is an area where the coaching staff needs to improve their players performance or it will come back to haunt the Cards.

That's all I have until next week when the Cards head to New Orleans to take on the New Orleans Saints.