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NFL TV schedule, Week 3: Coverage maps for the different games

What games will be on TV and where?


NFL Week 3 is here and you might want to know what games will be on TV and where. Using, we can tell you.

This week, there will be two CBS games and one FOX game. Here is how it will go for each time slot

CBS early game: In most of California, the Western part of Nevada and Tennessee and its surrounding areas, Chargers/Titans will be shown. In Oklahoma City and the North will get Browns/Vikings. Dallas and Charlotte get no early game according to NFL rules, and the rest of the country, including Arizona, gets Texans/Ravens.

CBS late game: In the Pacific Northwest, Northern Florida and Southern Georgia Jaguars/Seahawks will be on. In the Northwest it will be Bills at Jets. For the rest of the country, it will be Colts/49ers.

FOX: Only a fewareas will see a FOX game on late -- Miami and Georgia (with its surrounding areas), Southern Oregon and Minnesota. The rest get an early regional game. In Arizona, Louisiana and Mississippi, it will be Cardinals/Saints. In the middle of Florida and the Boston area, it will be Pattriots/Buccaneers. For Texas and the Midwest, it will be Rams/Cowboys. Giants/Panthers will be on in the NY area and around the Carolinas. The rest of the country will get Packers/Bengals.

Sunday Night Football: Everyone will get this game on NBC. It is Bears/Steelers.

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