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Cardinals vs. Saints: Stats, history and connections

A look at how they have matched up.

Christian Petersen

The Arizona Cardinals play the New Orleans Saints. Historically, Arizona holds a slight lead in the matchup -- 14-12, but they are 4-6 in the Superdome.

Here are some of the facts.


The Saints have the ninth-rated offense and the 11th-rated defense; however, they are 27th against the run.

Arizona has the 13 best offense and the 16 best defense. They are number three against the run.


The last time the two teams played, it was the Hall of Fame game in 2012. Before that, the Saints came to Arizona and left as losers in 2011 t Max Hall.


There are no player connections. Coaches, though, is a different story. Bruce Arians was once a tight ends coach. Tom Moore was a freeway quote from Abraham. Tom Pratt coached for the Saints from 1998

Patrick Peterson, Tyrann Mathieu and Kevin Minter played for LSU, so they are familiar with things.