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Arizona Cardinals vs New Orleans Saints, the Bonehead award

Who gets the "D'oh" award for bonehead play of the game?

Say it with me, 'D'oh!'
Say it with me, 'D'oh!'
Christian Petersen

For the Arizona Cardinals and their fans, yesterday's trip to the Big Easy to match up against the New Orleans Saints is something we all wish to forget.

Drew Brees to Jimmy Graham was a stiff uppercut to the Cards defensive chin all day long while the duo of Cameron Jordan and Junior Galette were vicious kidney shots to the offense, and I'm sure Carson Palmer as well.

But this article is about that one moment so bad it screams "D'oh". Sure, with this caliber of play there were many to choose from.

Carson Palmer threw 2 picks. The offensive line appeared to become a sieve for 50 minutes of game play, with Saints defenders swarming Palmer all day. Some of the play calling was also candidate material. Until I saw this gem.

The Saints are at the Cards seven yard line, third down and goal. Graham lines up just split of the tackle on the right side. Yeremiah Bell is the man covering him. The announcer in the booth notes the coverage and says something the lines of, "Wow. Lining up with single coverage on Jimmy Graham. I'm not sure what the DC is thinking."

Sad thing is, I think a 90 year old grandmother with vision issues would have seen that. So why didn't Todd Bowles?

I'm not a member of the Bowles defense fan club. He is not the DC that can help drive this team towards greatness. But after yesterday I have to even wonder if he's DC material at all, considering his track record.

And that's my vote for the Bonehead play of the game. Not on the player, but on the person who drew up the scheme to put his player in a losing situation. What's your's? Let the world know in the comments below.