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Cardinals vs. Saints: Vote for the Week 3 play of the game

Watch the plays of the game and vote for your favorite.

Chris Graythen

The 31-7 Arizona Cardinals loss to the New Orleans Saints hurt for more reasons than the scoreboard. Injuries and family emergencies put a damper on the entire football weekend, and the Cardinals must now search for strength as they travel to Tampa Bay to take on the Buccaneers.

But first, there were a handful of solid plays from Arizona's loss. Let's go over them so you can get to voting for the winner.

Tyrann Mathieu's first NFL interception

This play demonstrated once again why defensive back Tyrann Mathieu was the steal of the NFL draft. In this case, the risk has been well worth the reward, as Mathieu has made a big play in each of his first three games.

For his first career interception to come back home in front of family and friends, it had to be an awesome experience for the rookie.

Michael Floyd lays the wood

You remember a block like this just last weekend, right? This time, it's defensive end Junior Galette who tastes Floyd's wrath. Galette outweighs Floyd by 40 pounds yet is moved away from the play easily. This block is becoming a habit for head coach Bruce Arians. Floyd does it so well that Arians is being forced to call it every game -- multiple times, even. You'll see it again in a minute.

Sam Acho gets to Drew Brees

Now lost for the season with a broken leg, outside linebacker abused tight end Ben Watson on his way to Brees. It was his first of the year, so remember it, as it will be his only one of the year.

Michael Floyd springs Alfonso Smith for TD

As promised, here is the second crack block from Floyd. He puts outside linebacker Martez Wilson on his back side, completely removing him from the play. Wilson, who outweighs Floyd by 35 pounds, was the closest defender to the action and could have disrupted the play if not for Floyd's fearlessness as a blocker. The result is an Alfonso Smith 3-yard touchdown run.

Javier Arenas returns it to midfield

Javier Arenas had not done anything of note on kickoff returns until this run in the second quarter Sunday. He was replaced after this in favor of Ellington, probably because of his expanded role on defense following the injury to safety Rashad Johnson.