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Rashad Johnson finger injury: See the gruesome digit and read his description

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals starting safety Rashad Johnson suffered a gruesome finger injury on Sunday in the team's 31-7 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

The injury happened on a punt play when he was trying to tackle Darren Sproles. He said that his finger just went numb. Then the rest is where the lore begins. He saw his bloody glove and took it off, only to find that the tip of his finger was in there.

After he left the game and went to the hospital, he tweeted this:

He answered questions about it at the team's hotel in Florida.

Now comes the gross part. He tweeted out a picture of the finger.

Now, perhaps we should come up with a nickname. He already is tweeting with #thefinger, but Mario from the Birdgang Fan Club tweeted an absolutely genius nickname or Twitter handle -- @ninepointfive26

What do you think? Too gross? Could you play football with that? Rashad will try to.

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