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Cardinals vs. Saints review: Injuries, the running game and crediting Rob Ryan [podcast]

The ROTB Radio team looks back at the Saints game

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

As painful as it was for go back look at the loss to the New Orleans Saints, it had to be done, and the Revenge of the Bird Radio team of RedC, Seth Cox and I were up to the task with the latest podcast episode.

Listen to the episode with the embedded player at the end of the article or by listening here or downloading the file directly.

We talk about what went wrong and the consensus was that the offense was the issue -- not the defense, despite the numbers that were put up against the unit.

We go into the running game and why the team didn't run the ball more. I even brought up how Bruce Arians once again resembles Ken Whisenhunt.

We discuss the struggles of Carson Palmer and how his numbers are in decline.

We talk about how much blame goes to the Arizona offense and how much credit hoes to the Saints defense for the results.

Then we go on to the ugly part -- the injuries and how the Cards should tackle the whole linebacker situation. We also wonder about the offensive and defensive formations. After success with the "big nickel," why only use it for a handful of plays against another team that throws the ball a lot?

Listen to the show and give your thoughts.