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NFL Week 4 TV coverage map

A look at what games will be on where you live.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Week 4 of the NFL has already started. Naturally, you want to know what games will be on TV where you live. This is the information you will find here, thanks to This week, there are two FOX games being aired and one on CBS.

We will start with the CBS Game.

CBS games

Steelers vs. Vikings: This is the game in which almost the whole country will be watching.

Ravens at Bills: This will be shown in the DC area and in parts of New York.

Bengals at Browns: The only place to watch this game is n Pennsylvania.

Colts at Jaguars: This is aired in the areas near Indianapolis and in northern Florida.

Jets at Titans: This the CBS late game. It will be shown in Washington, Arizona, Kansas City,Chicago, Houston, Tennesse, Tampa Bay and New York.

FOX early game

Cardinals at Buccaneers: This hame will only be shown in Arizona and most of Florida.

Giants at Chiefs: It will be aired on the East Coast from Maine down to DC. It also is being aired in most of Colorado, in Kansas, in Missouri and in Memphis.

Bears at Lions: The middle of the country up north will air the game. It is also shown in Vegas and in some of Southeastern California.

Seahawks at Texans: This is what will air everywhere else.

FOX late game

Cowboys at Chargers: This game will be on TV in the Sam Diego area, all of Texas and Oklahoma and most of Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Redskins at Raiders: This game is on TV only in Northern California and the areas in and around Washington, DC.

Eagles at Broncos: This game is the one that will be on everywhere else.