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Arizona Cardinals to stand pat with unbalanced roster

There are no plans to add a receiver or move a lineman

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have a bit of an unbalanced roster at several positions. They have five running backs, but only four receivers. On top of that, they have 10 offensive linemen, including five tackles.

One would think that this means that more moves are coming. According to head coach Brice Arians, that isn't really the case.

When asked about keeping only four receivers, Arians seemed unconcerned about the number. "We've decided to stick with six corners and five running backs, so we'll probably stay put there for a while unless someone really comes across that's special," Arians said.

In some ways, it makes sense. In most situations when the team goes four-wide, it will still only use three receivers, as Rob Housler will be the fourth receiver. Additionally, cornerback Patrick Peterson will be used on offense. That allows them to keep only that many.

As for offensive line, he wasn't as committed in his response, but when asked if the team planned on keeping all 10 linemen, he simply said, "Yeah, that's our right now." Take that however you would like. That doesn't really preclude any sort of possible move.

What will be interesting will be gameday decisions for inactive players. On the offensive line, they will dress only seven or eight players. Presumably, they might only have one reserve tackle active -- will that be Nate Potter, Bradley Sowell or Bobby Massie?

I still would not be surprised there were at least one other move by the end of the week, but Arians has done some things a bit his own way. To keep doing so would make sense.

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