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Fantasy Football Results: Week 4

With their victory against the Buccaneers on Sunday, the Cardinals are tied for 2nd Place in the NFC West.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

And after Monday, fantasy owners across the world will be checking in to see if they were able to notch a win for their teams as well.

Here's a look at three Cardinals players' fantasy performances, as well as three players from around the league.


1) Larry Fitzgerald - 12 Points: After a disappointing last few weeks, Fitz finally had a decent game.  Bringing in 6 receptions for 68 yards, it was his game-tying TD that really raised his point performance.  And considering he had 0 targets the entire 1st half, if you have him on your team like I do, you'll take it with no complaints.

2) Carson Palmer - 9 Points: If you're starting Palmer, I'm going to assume that you forgot about drafting a QB until it was too late.  Palmer isn't known for his huge fantasy performances, and Sunday was another mediocre game (Both on the field, and in fantasy football).  Palmer went 21-38 for 248 yards and 1 TD, but it was the 2 interceptions that really brought down his point total.

3) Jay Feely - 8 Points: At least the Kicker isn't disappointing!  Feely had two FG's in the game, one for 42 yards, and another for 27 yards (Which ended up being the deciding score).

League-wide Players:

1) Peyton Manning - 29 Points: To put it simply, Manning is having an incredible year.  He once again led all players for scoring, going 28-34 for 327 yards and 4 TD's.  Expect Manning to continue to be a nightmare match-up for fantasy owners. (Unless you have him on your team, which in that case, enjoy this season.)

2) Tony Gonzales - 26 Points: Gonzales was the 2nd highest scoring player in fantasy football for this week, bringing in 12 receptions for 149 yards and 2 TD's.  Gonzales is definitely making sure that his final season in the NFL is a memorable one.

3) Adrian Peterson - 26 Points: At this point, does anyone expect anything different from "All Day"?  Peterson rushed 23 times for 140 yards and 2 TD's.  Don't expect him to slow down anytime in the near future.

(Note: Fantasy points are based off of standard scoring rules.  These points should correspond to most fantasy sites.)