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What it will it take for the Arizona Cardinals to make the playoffs?

After a 2-2 start we look at what makes a playoff team.

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After 57 minutes of football that looked like monkeys using tools for the first time, the Arizona Cardinals managed to get their act together long enough to win the last three minutes, which is apparently all you need to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With this type of performance we look forward to the rest of the season, a season that I made the prediction of the Cardinals winning 10 games this year at the beginning of the year, I didn't post it online anywhere but here we sit at 2-2 and right on schedule.

WHAT?!? You're crazy! There is no way; that is the stupidest prediction ever!!!!

First off, lets point to a crazier prediction also made by me before last year began. The rest of the season was a disaster, but that's another article altogether. The way the team looked, I'm not surprised that people may be looking at me asking how in the hell are these Cardinals going to win 10 games when they barely won today.

I am going to start with first is the first game in St. Louis a game that they lead by 11 points in the fourth quarter and let slip away. It was a way to start the season and was a true test of our team. The offense looked better, not great but better, and the defense almost did enough to win. In the end the Cardinals should have won this one which would of been much better for me.

The second game was a good game at home with Detroit, a team that sits at 3-1 after wins over Minnesota, Chicago and Washington, losing only to the Cardinals. Arizona won despite not having their best player for the second half and he probably shouldn't have played all game.

New Orleans is good. That's about it.

Tampa Bay was a good defensive battle, it looked like this may have broke the record for most punts in a game (there is absolutely no proof of that) but in the end it was a win in our favor.

Look at the schedule, and start honestly thinking to yourself. The Cardinals are a much better team at home than they are on the road. in 2012, four of their five wins were at home, 2011 6 of 8, 2010 again 4 of 5. That is a total of 14 out of 18 total wins in the last three years that they won at home. The red sea is really a home field advantage that we can start counting on to have our Cards really put up a good showing and making a game out of it.

We showed up just enough in Tampa Bay to win the game, and really in the NFL I don't care about anything but wins and losses. But the game we stole in TB is just one that we need to steal all season in order to get to the playoffs. If we are somehow able to win out at home as we sit here at 2-2 by my calculation that means we need to win one more on the road for 10 wins...... I'm guessing Jacksonville on 11/17 is a good bet.....

Not so crazy now, is it?

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