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Bonehead award from the Arizona Cardinals vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Which player took home the Bonehead award for their D'oh moment in game four


After four games the Arizona Cardinals are 2-2 for the season after managing to screw up less then the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did. With a final score of 13-10 Arizona, this game offered plenty of head scratching moments for those watching in the stands or from home. From these moments one stands far above others to take the title of Bonehead play.

Sure, Carson Palmer was his normal self, throwing a pair of picks as he was harassed and hurried all night. Speaking of harassed and hurried, it appears Levi Brown is rubbing off more on Eric Winston than vice versa as both men struggled to block their defenders. Brown and Winston were also slapped with false start penalties for the game.

Staying with penalties, Darnell Dockett picked up a fifteen yarder for taunting yesterday. Overall Arizona managed to rack up ten penalties through the course of the game.

None of the above mentioned infractions is enough to steal the thunder from this weeks Bonehead award winner, which go to Rashard Mendenhall for his very own version of the butt fumble. At the Cards 49 yard line Mendenhall takes the carry and is grinding out extra yardage when he manages to collide with Larry Fitzgerald's behind. The ball pops loose and Gerald McCoy recovers for the Bucs. A few plays later and rookie QB Mike Glennon connects with WR Mike Williams for a score.

Mendenhall's fumble killed a promising drive and was the precursor to Tampa Bay getting point on the board. Cardinal sins in the game of football.

That's my contender for the Bonehead award. What's yours?