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Cardinals vs. Buccaneers: Vote for the Week 4 play of the game

Watch the plays of the game and vote for your favorite.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals visited the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a Week 4 matchup and somehow came out victorious. The 13-10 road win over a still-winless Bucs squad may not seem like much, but considering everything the team went through over the past two weeks, it's quite a win, indeed.

From nose tackle Dan Williams tragically losing his father in a car accident to losing three outside linebackers for the season with various injuries to the shellacking the team took in New Orleans -- even the first 55 minutes of the Tampa game.

It all was just ugly.

However, one phrase that has seemed to creep its way into being the mantra of Arizona's 2013 season is, "A win is a win." It doesn't matter how it looks, all that matters is that the end result is a "W" in the win-column.

Here are some pretty plays from the ugly win over the Bucs.

Bell channels inner D-Wash

This play looks eerily similar to one inside linebacker Daryl Washington has patented in his three NFL seasons. The A-gap blitz is his specialty, and it seems fitting that the final game before his return from suspension featured a preview of what offenses will have to face in the very near future.

Yeremiah Bell shoots the A-gap and is untouched in his pursuit of rookie quarterback Mike Glennon. Welcome to the NFL, rookie.

Palmer drops one into Housler's bucket

For the second straight week since returning from injury, tight end Rob Housler had just one reception. He had little impact on the game outside this play, but it was a dandy nonetheless.

Carson Palmer dropped it in the bucket; all Housler had to do was find it on the backside of linebacker Jonathan Casillas.

Moch adjusts to record first career sack

Going into the game, Dontay Moch had appeared in one game -- he played five snaps last season with the Cincinnati Bengals at strong-side linebacker. There isn't much on him other than his elite speed due to a track background.

Left tackle Donald Penn had been beaten to the edge by Moch earlier in the game, and on this play, he figured he would take away the edge and force Moch inside. Yeah, that didn't work. Moch uses a power rush, driving Penn straight back into Glennon, and the rest is history.

This massive play led to a punt, subsequently leading to the game-winning Jay Feely field goal.

Fitz escapes Revis Island

Not being in the huddle and not having a copy of Arizona's playbook, one can only speculate on the full nature of this play. However, it's probable this was an option route run by Larry Fitzgerald.

If Darrelle Revis bites to the inside, Fitz would break to the outside and have Palmer throw him a jump ball to the corner. If Revis takes away the corner by breaking outside (as he did), Fitz would cut off the route and hunker down to the inside (as he did), where Palmer would hit him in the middle of the end zone (as he did).

Revis really had no chance on this one. It was a perfectly designed route run by a perfectionist.

Peterson's lane is closed

NFL passing lanes are smaller than those at the collegiate level. Glennon learned that the hard way by throwing a dig-route late in the game with Patrick Peterson covering wideout Vincent Jackson.

The route was run as it should have been. The ball may have been a hair behind Jackson, making the pick easier for Peterson, but the Pro Bowl corner would have picked it regardless.

That led to the Fitz touchdown just one play later.