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Nate Potter to get work in at guard...finally

After an offseason talking about it, Potter now will see some practice time inside the phone booth.


Bruce Arians talked about in the offseason. Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim also mentioned it. They believed that Nate Potter could move inside and play guard.

Now apparently it is finally going to happen, despite the fact that Potter never saw a rep at guard in all the offseason workouts or during training camp.

According to Arians (via the team's official website), it will be "an easy transition."

It means that Potter will now be Levi Brown's backup, but it also adds some depth, as at guard the only real backup at the position is Earl Watford, a rookie.

I get why they are moving him over now, but what did they wait? I know that he was battling Levi Brown for a starting job at left tackle.

Now is better than later I guess.

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