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2013 NFL predictions: Staff takes on the 2013 Arizona Cardinals

What does the staff believe the final record will be?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

The season is here, which means it is time to make our predictions for our Arizona Cardinals.

Jesse Reynolds: 7-9

While the front office doesn't want to say it, this year is a rebuilding year for the Cardinals. Overhauling almost half of your roster is not reloading, teams that have a track record of winning reload, teams trying to win rebuild. The Cardinals are a 7 win team due to having a tough schedule and playing in the NFC West. The Cardinals have sound building blocks for the future but the teams overall talent is lacking when compared to the rest of the division. The defense through the preseason has left me nervous and the offense looks like they need more time to get on the same page. I think the Cardiac Cards will win some games they are supposed to lose and lose some games they are suppose to win. It will be a tough year but I believe we will look more competitive than we did last year.

Robert Norman: 6-10

The Cardinals have an improved offense and a defense that will take a step back. The team upgraded at QB which will make the offense actually a threat, but it still has a below average o-line and no running game to balance. The defense hasn't fixed it's poor pass rush, even with the addition of veteran John Abraham, and while Peterson shuts down one side of the field, the other is an unknown.

The record doesn't show it, but the Cardinals will be a much improved team this season. I do expect close games and since parity is so level in the NFL it won't surprise me if the Cardinals end up 9-7. However, I don't think it is reasonable to expect the team to win more than six games.

AndyStandsUp: 7-9

My uneducated/ throwing darts at a carnival balloon guess for the Cards this season is 7-9, third in the division.
Reasoning would be the always popular tough division (though I think either SEA/SF won't impress as much as last season), Not liking the depth at the skill positions (including RB - injuries WILL be a major downfall if realized) and the past history of the franchise. (Not a viable excuse, I know, but gawd, I'm afraid of fires.)
That being said, I hope I'm as wrong as Bruce Arians going with a Kangol thong.

Jess Root: 9-7

Wow! Where did the optimism go? I have said before that I think this team could go 5-11 or as good as 11-5. I think the team starts slowly, but begins to get some traction later in the year. They will be in the playoff picture down to the final couple of weeks and will fall just short of the playoffs.

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