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NFL Week 1 TV schedule, coverage maps

Want to watch the NFL today? We'll tell you what you can see if you don't get the all NFL everything package.

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Well, you want to watch the NFL today, but you don't know what games you are going to get. You could the TV listings or just turn on the game when it is on, but why not read this? Thanks to, we can tell you.

There are 10 games on the early part of the schedule. Six are on CBS, four on FOX.

On CBS, starting at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT:

  • You get Bengals at Bears for the largest area of the country -- the Pacific Northwest and all along the north until the Great Lakes area, in the Southwest, except for most of California and a part of Nevada and Oregon, most of Texas and Oklahoma, all of Louisiana.
  • You get Patriots at Bills in the Northeast outside of Pennsylvania.
  • You get Titans at Steelers down the rest of the East Coast until Southern Georgia and then in the Tennessee area.
  • You get Raiders at Colts in California, part of Nevada and Oregon, in the Houston area and in Indianapolis and the outlying ares.
  • You get Dolphins at Browns in the Cleveland area, a small pocket in Texas, some of Western Florida and then all of South Florida.
  • You get Chiefs at Jaguars in Northern Florida, Southern Georgia and much of the Midwest.

The early games on FOX go like this (1 PM ET/10 AM PT)

  • You get Seahawks at Panthers all over the West Coast, Pacific Northwest and Southwest until New Mexico, except for the Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas, then in the Carolinas and part of Maryland.
  • You get Falcons at Saints from New Mexico to part of Wyoming to the north, and then from New Mexico all through Texas and the South, except for Florida.
  • You get Buccaneers at Jets in Florida and all the Northeast outside of Philadelphia.
  • You get Vikings at Lions from the Midwest up through all the North.
There are two late games for the "America's game on FOX." The country will get Packers at 49ers except Arizona and the areas around St. Louis, who will get Cardinals at Rams.

Sunday Night Football on NBC will be shown nationwide. It features the Giants at Cowboys.

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