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Cardinals vs. Rams: What the fans said in our game threads

What did Arizona Cardinals fans have to say while the game was going on

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By now everyone who is a member of the Birdgang nation most likely knows that the Arizona Cardinals dropped the first game of the season to the St. Louis Rams.

What might have been missed in the excitement of opening day are the comments made during the game by those Birdgang faithful. To correct this travesty, I've sifted through the open day threads and pulled some of the best comments to display in this article.

From JoeCB1991 comes this bit after watching the few first plays by the Cardinals on defense, "I miss Horton."

I know it's only game one into the season, but I have to agree. What I saw from this Todd Bowles defense has me speculating that a new DC is on the menu for next year.

It appears Darnell Dockett has ruffled some feathers in the Birdgang nest. From INSOMAN1ATIC while still on the same defensive series, "We better see a lot of Dockett. If not he can simply STFU. Until we get rid of him after this season of course.

How about it Birdgang nation, is INSOMAN1ATIC right? Are Dockett's days as a Cardinal numbered?

On the flip side of the ball, there is the excitement that Carson Palmer brings to the team. Skii sent in this little piece, "The Palmer-Floyd tangent is looking promising."

I agree with this assessment. I think that with Palmer tossing the rock, that the Cards receivers will all have breakout years.

Keeping with the offense, but switching to the run game that was much maligned last year, it appears that they are out of the dog house. At least for now. INSOMAN1ATIC provided this bit on the running attack, "We are moving the ball on the ground? WTF is going on here? I like it!!!"

And Levi Brown is as polarizing as ever from two different fan takes on the LT. RyanB17 starts off defending Brown after the sacks by Robert Quinn. "Never thought I would say this...Give Levi some time to settle down this game." Airwave was quick to chime in though, "Sorry. 2 sacks in 1 drive is unacceptable."

I've stated my opinion on brown multiple times. Having him as LT hurts the Cardinals. I hope the words elite are code for replace with capable draft choice soon.

How about it Cards faithful? Did I miss something that someone said the deserves recognition? Let me know below.

That's all i have until next week when the Cardinals take on the Detroit Lions at home