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2014 NFL mock draft: Arizona Cardinals select their quarterback of the future

They land a strong-armed quarterback with the 20th pick overall in latest projections.

Ethan Miller

Even though the playoffs are still going on, that doesn't stop the mock draft projections. For the 28 teams that are no longer playing and their fan bases, the draft is one of the next big things to think about.

For the Arizona Cardinals, we know that they need to draft a quarterback at some point. Carson Palmer is not the future.

It isn't the team's only need, but it is the position that gets addressed in SB Nation's Matthew Fairburn's latest mock draft.

With the 20th selection overall, in this mock draft, Arizona takes Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr.

Derek Carr is garnering the attention he is because he has the best arm talent in the draft. His deep ball is enough to tempt any team, but his work in a crowded pocket should scare a few teams away. Thinking about a talent like Carr in Bruce Arians' offense is an exciting image, though. Larry Fitzgerald only has so many of these catches left in him, so the Cardinals need to find a quarterback to get him the ball.

If there is something that Bruce Arians loves, it is a big arm. However, a huge requirement for Arians' system is accuracy as well. Is Carr that guy? And Arians likes plays that can take time to develop down the field. Is Carr the guy for that?

Withe NFL Draft still months away, there is plenty of time to discuss it. What do you like best about Carr? What don't you like? Is he a fit? Is he the best fit and talent at number 20?