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Ken Whisenhunt hired by Titans: Could John Lott leave the Arizona Cardinals?

The former Arizona head coach could come knocking asking if Lott can join him in Tennessee.


With former Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt being hired by the Tennessee Titans, as noted recently, there is one potential move that could change the Arizona coaching staff. That would be if Whisenhunt and the Titans were to request permission to speak with strength and conditioning coordinator John Lott.

Lott was one of only a few coaches that remained on staff after Whisenhunt was fired last offseason and Bruce Arians was hired. Lott was actually promoted from coach to coordinator by the team.

However, according to Fox Sports Radio 910's Mike Jurecki, it is expected that a request will be submitted to try and hire Lott away from the team.

Whisenhunt was the one that brought Lott to the Cardinals when he was hired in 2007. The two also worked on the same staff with the Jets.

Arizona does not have to grant permission. The blocked such a request in 2012. When Greg Schiano was hired as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he wanted to have John McNulty, who was the Cardinals' receivers coach, as his offensive coordinator, as he was at Rutgers previously.

The Cardinals denied the permission, much to the dismay of McNulty, but they promoted him to quarterbacks coach. He was subsequently let go after the 2012 season with Ken Whisenhunt and McNulty joined Schiano's staff in Tampa.

The Cardinals also know how it feels to have a coach request blocked. The Pittsburgh Steelers blocked the team from speaking with linebackers coach Keith Butler, whom Whisenhunt wanted as his defensive coordinator.

Will the Cardinals deny permission to speak with Lott? The front office clearly wanted him around, as he remained after the coaching change. However, it likely will come down to the relationship Lott and Arians developed. The two had not previously worked together and things did change this year.

Lott in previous years would be the strength coach for the NFL Combine After Arians came, Lott did not participate.

Under Arians, the team no longer stretches as a team.

Did Lott like those changes? Was he on board? That we do not know.

Would he prefer to work with Whisenhunt?

How bad would it be if Lott left? Or would it matter at all?