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Arizona Cardinals offensive line still graded as league's worst

They have the NFL's lowest grade for the second straight season according to PFF.

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Despite the 10 wins in 2014, the Arizona Cardinals still had issues with the offensive line. That's nothing new, as it has been a problem that has plagued the franchise for almost its entire tenure in Arizona. However, with better play from the quarterback this season and with a running game that wasn't putrid, on the surface, it looks like the line play got better.

Pro Football Focus released their offensive line rankings for the season, and tells us that things haven't changed much, at least in terms of grading.

For the second season in a row, Arizona's offensive line is the worst in the NFL.

It's rare to see a team finish last two years on the trot, but then it's nothing Cardinals fans wouldn't have seen coming. It wasn't helped by the aforementioned loss of Cooper, while incredibly the team's long overdue divorce from Levi Brown actually left them in a worse position at left tackle. It's hard to imagine them being worse next year.

Lyle Sendlein was the best of the group with a paltry +0.5. He basically did his job. However, his strength was in the running game, earning an overall +3.5 for his run blocking, while his pass blocking earned him a -4.7.

In fact, only one player on the line earned a cumulative positive grade in pass blocking for the season and that was Daryn Colledge, with his +2.8.

In the running game, aside from Sendlein, the only other positive cumulative grade came from Levi Brown, who was traded after four weeks.

The two to struggle the most in both pass blocking and run blocking were Bradley Sowell and Paul Fanaika, neither of whom people believed would or should start in 2014.

Overall, the Arizona line was last in the league in pass blocking, second to last in run blocking and 22nd in penalty rating

Does this change how you look at the line? What needs to happen before next season rolls around?