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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals projected to take Eric Ebron, Will Sutton with 1st 2 picks

The Cardinals are on the clock at 20... What would you do?


There have been some interesting thoughts put forward over the last several weeks on what the Arizona Cardinals should do with their first pick of the draft.

I decided instead of doing long explanations that I would print the top 21 available prospects and you could tell me your thoughts on each pick and/or what you would do instead.

Let's get started.

Round 1: Eric Ebron, TE North Carolina


Round 2- Will Sutton, DL Arizona State


Round 3- Ka'Deem Carey, RB Arizona


Round 4- Brett Smith, QB Wyoming


Round 5- Robert Herron, WR Wyoming


Round 6- Jimmie Ward, S Northern Illinios


Quick thoughts on the overall draft: Eric Ebron at 20, with all the tackles off the board was an easy pick. I know some are in love with the idea of a guard at 20, but I think addressing the TE position with a top 15 talent was more important.

With Will Sutton pick in round two that affords me the ability to move on from Darnell Dockett, I know would have to be before the draft, but it is a process, and if they did move on from DD, and used the money for say a LT, that makes this pick even better.

Round three came down to value, and with the running back depth on the board in round four this probably wasn't as great of a pick as I thought it would be, but I'll take it. Deone Buccanon was the hardest name to pass up here, as if I had known Grice/Hyde would be available in the fourth I would have done it differently.

Brett Smith in the fourth was the same type of idea. He is a toolsy guy, but if I would have known Jimmy G would make it to the fifth, unlikely in real life, same with a lot of these scenarios, then I would have redone rounds 3-5, and then stuck with my sixth round pick, because you can never have too many good defensive backs.

I look forward to seeing your ideas in the comments section, but for those wondering if I would have known what was available in the next rounds I would have done:

Deone Buccanon
Carlos Hyde
Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmie Ward