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Richard Sherman interview: Did it really change what you think of him?

The postgame screaming got a lot of people fired what?

Jonathan Ferrey

By now you probably have heard about the whole Richard Sherman postgame interview that involved screaming, LOB and Michael Crabtree. If you haven't, here it is again. If you have, you don't have to click on the video.

Sherman called himself the best, he called Michael Crabtree a sorry receiver and referred to someone talking about him.

Based on the reaction to the interview by fans and analysts, you would think this was something surprising. People have called it disrespectful, appalling, funny, confusing and a number of other things.

Basically, everyone hates Richard Sherman now and want Peyton Manning and the Broncos to put him in his place.

The thing is...didn't most football fans outside of Seattle already hate him? He has been one to trash talk, to taunt and to boast on more than one occasion. 

So did his interview really change anything for you? It didn't for me. I didn't hate the interview myself. It came just a few moments after he made the game-winning play in a game that sent his team to the Super Bowl. Of course he was fired up! We know that the two teams hate each other and that Crabtree is no angel.

What it probably did do is draw even more attention to a game that tons of people already watch. More attention for football!

Was it right or good for Sherman to act like that? Nope. Was it wrong? Nope.

The bigger issue wasn't the postgame interview. It should have been the way he taunted Crabtree after he made the play to tip the ball away. That was what was worse, but again, it was clearly something we should be accustomed to seeing from Sherman.

At the end of the day, there probably isn't a fan base that wouldn't welcome him with open arms to play for their team. Could you imagine him a Cardinal playing opposite Patrick Peterson? Holy cow!

Did Sherman's ingame or postgame antics change anything for you? It didn't for me.