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1/24 Arizona Cardinals news: Evaluating the new VP

Your daily news update of the Cardinals and NFL

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


Cardinals Pick Terry McDonough To Replace Licht
Eastern regional scout and NFL front-office veteran promoted to vice president of player personnel

Cardinals Blogs | McDonough’s strong opinions will help Cards
The goal is to make a front office strong in opinions and respect.

Cardinals Blogs | Fitz vs. Peterson, for real. Sort of.
The pro bowl may be fun to watch just to see Peterson and Fitzgerald play head-to-head

ESPN's Kiper downgrades Arizona Cardinals' 2013 draft class
Strange to be penalized for injuries and good starters, even stranger to be graded people after one season.

Arizona Cardinals' Bruce Arians dismisses drafting QB first - ESPN
Easy to ignore "needs" when you still have a decent starter under contract.

The next big thing: Cardinals - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The weak positions that need to be addressed this offseason


The Notebook: Seahawks and the value of 'hustle' -
The little things made all the difference for the 49ers and the Seahawks in the NFC Championship Game last week. The 49ers didn't do them. The Seahawks did, with a whole lot of hustle. Retired NFL defensive end Stephen White explains.

Tweets to NFL players from confused people: A fictional compilation -
Folks on Twitter are passionate. Unfortunately, as a guy with a Twitter handle just barely different from Richard Sherman's has learned, they sometimes direct their tweets to the wrong people. Here, we imagine the grim possibilities.

Robbie Sherman has the most unfortunate handle on Twitter -
Here's what happens when one character separates you from the most #controversial man in America.

Ed Werder should ask Pete Carroll about 9/11 on media day -
The coach has gotten a free pass on his beliefs for too long. It's time for him to educate NFL fans. PFT Commenter explains why Ed Werder should ask Pete Carroll some tough questions on Super Bowl media day.

Cleveland Browns Hire Mike Pettine as Head Coach - Dawgs By Nature
The Browns ended up being the final NFL team to hire a head coach after firing Rob Chudzinski, but the search for his replacement is finally over. The man for the job? A defensive-minded coach in Mike Pettine.