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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals full projections after Senior Bowl practices

The Cardinals have been at the Senior Bowl and Shrine Game the past two weeks, did they find players worth picking?

David Purdy

It's been an interesting week for the Cardinals and the "information" being passed around this time of year.

Here's what I will say to you, take everything you hear, file it away, and then remember it if it happens.

Bruce Arians essentially said the Cardinals won't be drafting a quarterback at 20, and they'd like to have a left tackle in the fold by the time the draft rolls around, or something to that extent, and that speed is the key thing they are looking for.

In a separate interview Steve Keim stated that he and Arians will stay in their own lanes when it comes to Keim building the team and Arians coaching the team, but it'd be fool hearty to not think that Arians has some type of input on what is going on in the draft room.

Then National Football Post's Greg Gabriel, former Bears Director of College Scouting, had this gem on Twitter.

First off, there was a similar statement made by a NFL insider last year about Matt Barkley, that he wasn't getting past seven, but everyone I talked too said that was patently off base.

The thing is, everyone has someone from each team they talk too, and a lot of those people have their own agenda's, or their own beliefs.

Unless a single man, Michael Bidwill, has said, this is what we are doing, than no one else, not even Steve Keim is to be believed until after it happened, but that doesn't mean he isn't telling some form of the truth.

When people divulged to me that the Cardinals top rated quarterback on their draft board was Brett Hundley, I just nodded my head, put it in a mock draft that had no chance of happening, and said nothing.

Why? Last year, when everyone was mocking Taylor Lewan to the Cardinals I had a conversation with someone that told me the Cardinals don't even rank underclassmen until they declared.

Those two nuggets of information clearly don't flow together, instead they fly right in the face of one another, but that doesn't matter.

The Cardinals may have had an area scout that had Hundley as the top rated underclassmen QB on their board, and in turn the Cardinals may not have had any senior quarterbacks rated as high as the grade Brett Hundley received from that area scout, so therefore Hundley was "the highest rated quarterback" on the Cardinals board.

When Mike Jurecki, Dan Bickley, hell even myself, say that the Cardinals like Johnny Manziel, it doesn't mean Arians, Keim, Bidwill or any decision maker likes Manziel, it could mean that a low level scout likes Manziel.

Let's get to the mock, quick and dirty with only Twitter comments, and see what this week brings.

No boards available, just the names, and you can let me know what you think in the comments.

Round 1: Justin Gilbert, CB Oklahoma State

Round 2: Dee Ford, OLB Auburn

Round 3: Robert Herron, WR Wyoming


Round 4: Logan Thomas, QB Virginia Tech

Round 5: Seantrel Henderson, OT Miami

Round 6: Jamea Thomas, S Georgia Tech

Cardinals six round haul:

Justin Gilbert
Dee Ford
Robert Herron
Logan Thomas
Seantrel Henderson
Jamea Thomas