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More NFL Bad Lip Reading, and Carson Palmer is featured

Just laugh. It's funny.

This is not a serious post. It is just funny. Bad Lip Reading brings you a second installment of the NFL. There is more Jim Harbaugh to mock.

But this time some Arizona Cardinals show up, as well as former Cardinals. Greg Toler, among others, on their TV intros when the networks introduce the starting lineups tell you something other than their name and alma mater.

Bruce Arians makes a brief appearance, shouting "Not Timmy!"

But Carson Palmer is shown a few times. The first time, he asks, "Where's the owl? Blending in?" The next time was, "Mace, win, do" (huh?). In his third appearance, he declares, "Aunt Sharon got out again!"

Ken Whisenhunt was on for a second.

Some other highlights:

Terrell Suggs and "wrist nub, wrist nub."

"No more cartoons, no more kung fu," from a Texans coach.

Vince Wilfork's sitting on gum is hilarious.

Colin Kaepernick was a secret agent and wouldn't kill the Russian because he had a cat. Who knew he had a soft spot for felines?

Andrew Luck's part is well done.

What is your favorite part?