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Kurt Warner forever!

Could you imagine machine version of the best QB in team history?

Andy Marlin

Young or old, because it is coming out in movie theaters soon, you will know the story of RoboCop. Some of us remember when it came out last century, or even the cartoon that there was to go with it. But the concept is this -- take the good of a human and then make it better.

The question is, if you as an Arizona Cardinals fan had the chance to have a robo-version of a current or former Cardinals player, who would it be?

Would it be Larry Fitzgerald, so hi career never has to end? What about Adrian Wilson? We could even go with a partially human version of Beanie Wells -- all the good of Beanie without the nagging injuries.

But based on what we saw for a pair of seasons, I think the best option would be to take Kurt Warner and make him RoboQB.

His pinpoint accuracy and decision making we without par. He put up crazy numbers...AND was a winner. Everybody on the team played better because of him and for him.

Could you imagine an eternal Warner? No concussions, no more injuries -- just No. 13 perfected.

Would that be whom you you chose for the Cardinals? Would you go another direction?