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Super Bowl Prop Bets: Peyton Manning is odds on favorite to be game MVP

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

According to RJ Bell from, An estimated $10 BILLION is projected to be bet on Super Bowl XLVIII worldwide! Over half of adult Americans are expected to have some money at risk on the game. Less than 1% of the total amount bet is expected to be wagered legally in Nevada. A majority of experts are projecting SB48 will be the biggest bet Super Bowl EVER!

Over the next couple of days, I will share with you some of the pro bets that there are out there.

These first bets deal with actual game play and players on the field.

Super Bowl MVP odds:
P. Manning: $100 wins $120
R. Wilson 4/1
M. Lynch 5/1
D. Thomas 20/1
K. Moreno 20/1
P. Harvin 25/1
R. Sherman 25/1
E. Decker 33/1
W. Welker 35/1
J. Thomas 35/1
D. Baldwin 50/1
E. Thomas 50/1
G. Tate 50/1

Total Passing Yards:

Peyton Manning: 290.5 yards

Russell Wilson: over/under 199.5 yards

Total Rushing Yards:

Marshawn Lynch: 88.5 yards

Knowshon Moreno: 65.5 yards

Percentage Chance

12% chance Peyton Manning will retire before next season IF he wins Super Bowl ($100 wins $700 if YES)

19% chance Richard Sherman gets a taunting penalty during the game ($100 wins $400 if YES)


Over/Under for longest touchdown of the game: 43.5 yards

Over/Under for largest lead of the game by any team: 13 points


Of all these, if I were looking to make a bet to make some money, I would put money on Marshawn Lynch as MVP, as that can actually give you a good payout, but would hedge with Manning. I think it will be either one or the other. But then again, why would you take betting advice on prop bets from a guy that doesn't gamble?