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The 2013 leaders in community participation for ROTB

See if you finished in near the top of the community.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday on one of my email threads I get from the SB Nation network, I got some stats about the Revenge of the Birds community. I don't recall getting these last year or any previous year. However, I did want to share them, as they recognize the community stalwarts -- the most active among the many great Cardinals fans we have here in the community.

Here are our top members in FanPosts, FanShots and comments:

Most FanPosts:
Cmcinaz 43
StuckinColorado 37
AndyStandsUp 36
cschiemann 17
hminus 16
roleyanderson 15
lagang 14
gvalen2896 12
AZ retiree 11
Alex Mann 10

Most FanShots
Jess Root 25
allstr1ker 16
AndyStandsUp 5
KDean75 5
Azusa_PacifiCardinal 5
Peter Jacob Hornig 5
Max Strauss 4
JoeCB1991 3
Cmcinaz 3
Alex Mann 3

Most Comments
JoeCB1991 4310
Cmcinaz 3688
hadrarius 2846
roleyanderson 2491
Jesse Reynolds 2247
Airwave 2002
AZ retiree 1824
Skii 1735
Justyjay 1732

Clearly, FanShots aren't used much here on the site. I use them from time to time instead of an article.

But based on the other two "metrics," Cmcinaz is the community's most active member. He leads in FanPosts and is second in comments posted.

JoeCB1991, who stepped down from the writing staff to only participate in the threads, is by far the leader in comments. Impressive.

Who will be community leader for 2014?