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Arizona Cardinals news 1/30: Patrick Peterson extension, Bruce Arians not Coach of the Year

Your morning Cardinals and NFL roundup

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl Week means we have to remember the Cardinals' loss against the Steelers. Bruce Arians and Patrick Peterson were golfing and talked to the media. Read your morning stories here...


Cardinals Blogs | Andre Roberts writes some offseason poetry

A Super Week, Five Years Later
The Cardinals made a memorable trip to Tampa for Super Bowl XLIII, even if the result stung

Arizona Cardinals' Bruce Arians says he wasn t named Coach of Year - ESPN

The reigning NFL Coach of the Year won’t be attending the NFL Honors ceremony to collect his second straight award.

Seattle Seahawks' Darrell Bevell praises Arizona Cardinals' D - ESPN

"It kind of went from the embarrassment of the league to really one of the best; with Arizona [which] could’ve made the playoffs," Bevell said. "Their team was good enough to do it."

Aeneas Williams' career built by many - Arizona Cardinals Blog - ESPN

Aeneas Williams' "interest in the game and his willingness to accept teaching" stood out to one Hall of Famer.

NFLN survey/Super Bowl QB: Cardinals - Arizona Cardinals Blog - ESPN

It looks like the NFL has a severe case shiny ring syndrome.

The 10 worst teams to ever play in a Super Bowl
The Cards are No. 4.

Arizona Cardinals' Patrick Peterson taking a 'wait and see' approach to a contract extension
"I am eligible (for an extension this offseason)," he said. "Of course I would like an extension to stay here for a while, but it's a business so we have to wait and see what happens."

SI's Trotter: Besides Seahawks and 49ers, Arizona Cardinals' big worry is age

"When you look at Arizona, for me, I start to think about it as an older team where pretty soon here you're going to have to start replacing parts. So to me, Arizona's window is now. You've got to start doing it."

Arizona Cardinals' Bruce Arians: We know what we need to do

"We finished strong," Arians said. "We know what we need to do. It's just which pieces do we add and how we fit them in."


Super Bowl XLVIII: Secrets of the Seahawks secondary -

You probably know them as the Legion of Boom, but there's more to Seattle's historic pass defense than nicknames. Danny Kelly heads to the film room to take a look at how Pete Carroll turns simple concepts into spectacular play.

The Ultimate New York Super Bowl Tour Guide -

Dan Rubenstein and Matt Ufford show you everything you need to see to get the full New York (and beyond) Super Bowl experience.

Super Bowl 2014: A lot on the line for several soon-to-be free agents -

Free agency is just around the corner and great performance in the Super Bowl could mean a bigger payday for a few players.

Just 'bout that action: Marshawn Lynch and the Super Bowl circus -

Marshawn Lynch was never going to open up, or do more than the bare minimum, at Super Bowl Media Day. Expecting him, or anyone else, to give more than canned answers and lip service was never realistic.

Defense mechanisms: The 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers -

Ten years ago, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Oakland Raiders for the franchise's only Super Bowl win and their last win of any kind in the postseason. How did they do it? They found an identity.

Daily Win: Super Bowl prop bets lightning round -

Dan Rubenstein reveals which Super Bowl prop bets are worth your time and money. Spoiler: All of them and none of them at the same time.

Super Bowl 2014: Some of the funnier questions and answers from Broncos Media Day - Mile High Report

Can you name any city in Nebraska other than Omaha? What advice would you give to Justin Bieber?