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Arizona Cardinals VP likes depth of 2014 NFL Draft

Organization believes they can find talent throughout the draft

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

For fans who look forward to the NFL Draft, if you believe Arizona Cardinals VP of Player Personnel Terry McDonough, you will be excited. He says there is a lot to look forward to this May when the Cardinals make their six selections.

While on Fox Sports Radio 910 on Monday, he was asked about the depth of the upcoming draft class.

He called the 2014 draft class"very, very deep, where last year I didn't think it was very deep at all."

It is interesting he would say that. Now, there is evidence in that. Seventh round pick D.C. Jefferson was cut during the season. Sixth round pick Ryan Swope is not with the team, although he was a bit of a risky pick because of concussion concerns. He retired because of another concussion.

However, the Cardinals did manage to find a gem in Andre Ellington in the sixth round. There is also hope for fifth round pick Stepfan Taylor as well.

Arizona has only six picks this year, as they parted with their seventh round selection as part of the deal that brought Carson Palmer to Arizona. But according to McDonough they should be able to pick up solid talent from the top to the bottom of the draft.

"It is going to be a very deep draft at certain positions," he explained. "There will be good players to be had throughout the draft."

What positions? He didn't mention that. People I follow who are draft guys tell me receiver, tight end, cornerback and running back have really good talent depth.

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