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Super Bowl 2014 Predictions: Football experts split on Broncos/Seahawks

A look at what people are predicting for the big game.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It is time to start making predictions for Super Bowl XLVIII. Friday will be when I reveal our staff picks, but we go around the Internet to see what people are saying.

To start, let's go to the Prediction Machine.

After running 50,000 simulations, the average comes out to the Seahawks beating the Broncos 24-21, with Seattle winning almost 55 percent of the time. In other words, it is pretty split.

Showtime's Inside the NFL makes their picks. Three of four pick the Seahawks.

Over at ESPN, nine of their 14 experts side with the Broncos.

The analysts at CBS Sports were split down the middle -- four for Seattle and four for Denver.

SB Nation's football analysts slightly favor Seattle -- by a margin of 4-2

Which way are you leaning right now? Do you think that the Seattle defense can slow Denver's offense down enough? Can their offense do enough against Denver's defense, which was strong against the run?

One thing these rather evenly split picks means is that most are expecting a fantastic football game. Do you agree?