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Super Bowl commercials 2014: Ketchup farts, bork, Noah, Doberhuahua and puppies

If you haven't done it already, catch some commercials before they play on the Super Bowl.

Alex Trautwig

It's a bit cliche by now, but Super Bowl Sunday means not only football, but also commercials. People care a lot about the new commercials that will run.

So it is my duty to show you some of those commercials.

I think it is genius to show them early. That way when there is a commercial break during the game, I can just worry about getting more food and beverage and not worry about the TV spots that most likely will disappoint (since that has been the trend over the last few years).

Here are some of those commercials that will run.

This is a sweet commercial for dog lovers. Everyone loves puppies! But it's a beer commercial.

Jack in the Box has apparently bred a new animal to give you a new meat -- bork.

How about ketchup? Heinz tries to make you think that happiness is ketchup from a glass bottle.

How about a freak dog -- the Doberhuahua? Funny, but weird. It's from Audi.

There is even a movie trailer for Noah. A movie about Noah and the ark? With Russell Crowe? Ok.

This one is dumb. Swiffle. And they use the word vagina.

Do any of these appeal to you? They're not doing it for me.