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Arizona Cardinals Offseason: Potential Free Agent Targets

We have already addressed the Cardinals 2014 FA lists and who would be likely to return to the Desert, but let's take a look at the bigger picture.


Free Agency begins in just over two months. The FA lists will grow, or get small over that time span, but as of right now, there are several players that could garner interest from Steve Keim and Bruce Arians. So without further ado, let's take a look at several potential targets for the Cardinals in Free Agency.

1) Toby Gerhart- The four year man from Stanford has sat behind Adrian Peterson his entire career, mostly coming in for the here and there water break Peterson needs. His career average sits at a respectable 4.7 yards per carry, and had his best year this year. In 36 carries he averaged 7.9 yards per attempt. He has the talent to be a good back in the NFL, but he's wasting away his good years sitting behind AP in Minnesota.

While runningback won't be a huge necessity, having a big back who can break a big run or two, to go with Ellington could be useful, BUT, we still have Stepfan Taylor (Another Stanford Product) waiting in the wings to get his shot this season.

2) Jeremy Maclin/Riley Cooper

Maclin is coming off a season ending knee surgery to repair a torn ACL. The likely scenario would be him going back to Philly, where he will add another weapon to an already weapon filled offensive roster under Chip Kelly.

Cooper however, was only playing because of the injury to Maclin. With Maclin returning, could that make Cooper expendable? He was Nick Foles favorite target this season and has good speed. With Andre Roberts potentially hitting the market, Cooper is a good 3rd receiver, and will replace him well.

3) Jimmy Graham

Um.. duh? But in all seriousness, tight end will be something I expect the Front Office to take a good hard look at during Free Agency. My pick here would be one of two guys again... Ed Dickson and Scott Chandler. Both will come relatively inexpensive and I expect both to test the market, before signing back with their team.

Dickson may not be the best receiving tight end, but he can block, and I have hardly seen him drop crucial catches (Housler...). Baltimore is unlikely to bring him back, and his worth isn't much, so a cheap, couple of years deal, seem perfect for this team.

Chandler is a different story. I'm positive Buffalo will want him back, but will he want to go back. He came into 2013 fresh off of a knee injury and played in all 16 games. His stats are good for a guy who was asked to block following this injury to EJ Manuel. In the final three games the Bills ran 141 times, which definately hurt his stats. He's a tight end who can both catch and block, and will garner some interest come March.

4) Branden Albert/ Roger Saffold

Kent Somers and multiple other writers who follow the Cardinals, have said there is a legitimate interest from multiple people in the Front Office. That's all fine and dandy, but that potential contract comes into play. Arizona CANNOT... Well likely they can, but will not be willing to pay it.

Saffold is a cheaper target, and can play both Guard and tackle. He played tackle until Jake Long was brought in last season, but with Longs injury he got some time at left tackle this season. He'll garner a lot of interest, but the Rams will want to keep their line intact.

5) Karlos Dansby

No need for explanation. Contract will be a big factor.

6) Phil Dawson/Adam Vinatieri

Drafting a fresh pair of legs can wait, seeing as both these kickers are on the market. Dawson made us cry last weekend, and Vinatieri is the most consistent/clutch kicker in the NFL. With Feely likely out, either one of these guys will be an excellent addition to a special teams unit that struggled on kickoffs,

So who else would you target? I went with guys that will garner interest, and likely come at a relatively inexpensive deal. I contemplated putting Vontae Davis on here, but likely too expensive.