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NFL picks 2013: The ROTB staff picks Wild Card Weekend

We have a regular season champion and start with the playoffs

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

After Week 17, we finally have a regular season champion (but we continue through the playoffs). Not to toot my own horn, but it is me. After a 12-4 week, I passed up Jesse Reynolds in the final week.

Mine was not the best week as Kent, Andy and DL all scored 13-3 weeks. Nicely done.


Now for the updated leaderboard:


What about Wild Card Weekend and what we on staff think will happen?


The Colts are heavy favorites for us, as are the 49ers, despite being on the road. We are split on the Saints and Eagles and heavily favor the Bengals.

We even added the BCS Championship game for fun. It's pretty split there.

Who are your picks coming out of the weekend and moving on? Can Marvin Lewis win a playoff game? Can the Chiefs win on the road? Can the Saints? If you haven't, you can join in on the ROTB Playoff Pick'em, where you also predict the final scores.